Shop7e trek hybrid bikes Beginner's Wheelie Challenge -One Week Challenge- with Trek Roscoe 7 2021

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Shop7e trek hybrid bikes Newbie's Wheelie Problem -One Week Problem- with Trek Roscoe 7 2021

#mtb #development
I began mountain biking at 2021 with Trek Roscoe 7.

As a mountain bike newbie, I attempted a ‘Wheelie 5m -One Week Problem-‘, attempt to do “Wheelie 5m” in per week.

Any recommendation could be appreciated. Thanks.

This problem has 2nd one -Wheelie 2nd Problem-.

One Week Problem
1.Endo Flip

2.Rocking, and Rear Wheel Hop

3.English Bunny Hop

4.Entrance Pivot Flip

5.Wheelie 5m

6.Wheelie 5m 2nd Problem


8.Bunny Hop

#Beginner39s #Wheelie #Problem #Week #Problem #Trek #Roscoe
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