Shop7e coleman swimming pool How to Empty, Take Down and Deflate #ColemanSaluspa #InflatableHotTub

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Shop7e coleman swimming pool The best way to Empty, Take Down and Deflate #ColemanSaluspa #InflatableHotTub

Summer season’s Over! Time to empty and take down/ deflate the Coleman Saluspa Inflatable Sizzling Tub.

2:38- Empty water from Coleman Saluspa Inflatable Sizzling tub
4:44- Separate/Detach pump from Inflatable scorching tub
5:07- Connect hose to inflatable scorching tub
11:57- Deflate inflatable scorching tub

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#Empty #Deflate #ColemanSaluspa #InflatableHotTub
coleman swimming pool


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