Shop7e bicycle crunches Core exercise for runners – Bicycle Crunches

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Shop7e bicycle crunches Core train for runners – Bicycle Crunches

Targets: Rectus abdominis, obliques and hips

Instruction: Lay flat in your again together with your proper leg raised at a 90 diploma angle and your left leg flat on the bottom. Preserve your decrease again pressed to the ground and lift you head and shoulders barely. Place your fingers on the facet of your head. Your fingers are there for stability and to align your elbows to your knees, to not pull your head up.

Twist your left elbow to journey throughout your physique within the course of your proper knee. That is your beginning place. Work by the train by reducing and elevating every leg and twisting your elbows throughout your physique to fulfill every knee.

Concentrate on utilizing your stomach muscle tissue to boost and twist your torso somewhat your head and neck.
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bicycle crunches


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